Why do you need a resume created for ATS?

During a research on the approach to the appearance of the resume in multiple countries, it appeared that it is a common practice to create a simple, truncated from graphic elements documents. This state of affairs is related to usage of ATS. What is this system and why do you need to match your resume to its needs?

What is ATS and what can it be used for?

ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is an IT system, which can be used in order to manage recruitement process. In particular, it was designed to collect applications for a job position and manage them during the process. If you are familiar with Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) – this one works pretty much in the same way, but it’s focused on the candidate, who is applying for the job.

The main purpose of using the ATS is optimization and automation of recruitment processes while keeping it professional. Thanks to the tool, the number of repetitive activities is reduced, the whole recruitment process is managed more efficiently and it’s maintained in compliance with the GDPR. What is more, there is a higher possibility, that the best candidates will be selected from all the applicants.

Selection of candidates with the help of the ATS

The ATS is capable of managing the recrutiment process more efficiently. Usually, the system is associated with the form on the employer’s website that the candidate completes and it gives the recruiter many possibilities – filter, tag and score the candidates based on specific assumptions made in the process. To make things more understandable: if you are applying for a job in finances and one of the questions asked in the form is about the systems you know – ATS can help the recruiter filter the applications so that he can access only the forms of people who are familiar with the program he is interested in.

All in all: if you want to get a position, don’t send universal CV to each potential employer. Try to match the specific words, that might be filtered with ATS, which, to be honest, isn’t that hard. They are usually used or at least suggested in the job description – once you get the general idea of how ATS works, it will be easier for you!

Why is ATS so popular among companies around the world?

The ATS is really popular in many companies around the world – but not in every country. Why is that so? There are some languages, which are way harder to filter the resume than others. For example, English is quite simple to filter language, in which the system can contain all the options of the necessary words. Doing the same in a more demanding language (i.e. in Polish), may prove difficult, not to say impossible.

Of course, the systems are getting more and more advanced, so it is highly possible, that in the next couple of years all of the companies will be using ATS in order to make the recruitment process faster and more efficient. For now, however, the systems are mainly used by big corporations, using English as their main communication language. When applying for a position in English – make sure to adjust the resume for ATS needs.

Advantages of ATS system

At mentioned before, the ATS is designed to make the recruitment process faster, but it’s not the only purpose it’s serving. What is more, it allows to do so called multiposting – publishing the very same job offer on multiple outside pages, redirecting to the employer’s internal system. After that, ATS can help to gather the applications and if needed, filter them.

After the documents are gathered, ATS can help to manage and filter them. As harsh as it may sound, if you don’t fit the key with your answers – you can wait for the call until the end of your days.

Does it mean recruiters don’t read my resume?

Absolutely not! You just have to be aware, that some of the applications might be rejected before actually anyone reads them – and those are usually the most universal ones. ATS is really helpful when it comes to catching relevant information and thus, if you don’t prepare a resume including those, probably no one will call you back.

How to prepare resume for ATS?

It’s not as hard as it sounds. We are aware, that looking for a job is a really time consuming process. First, you have to get through all those offers. Then, when you decide for which positions you’d like to apply – you have to prepare a resume, fill in the form and sometimes – write a letter of motivation. In order to make the process easier, you can prepare one general resume, but always adjust it to the position you are applying to. Remove the redundant information and be more specific when describing the work experience and education related to the position. It will help you get the job of your dreams!

ATS is a system, which can be used for recruitment purposes in many countries and while preparing the resume, you should take into account, that your application might be filteres by such. Keep in mind, that if you see a job offer on an outside site and when you want to apply, you are asked to fill in a form on another page – your application will probably be served by ATS. Keep in mind what you’ve learned reading this article and we can bet recruiter will contact you in no time!

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