A start in the IT industry – how to build your resume?

The IT industry is the sector that has the best prognosis for the coming years. With many existing job profiles and those being created year after year, along with the scarcity of specialized IT professionals on the labor market, more and more people are interested in training and professional development in the areas of IT and technology. In the following article, you’ll learn about opportunities in IT jobs and tips on how you can become one of them.

Advantages of working in the IT industry

People choosing the IT industry are attracted by high salaries and stable employment prospects. A career in IT is also a guarantee of continuous professional development (extension of the resume) and access to interesting projects. Flexibility of work, the possibility of home-office, is also not without significance. Many global technology companies maintain a positive and friendly environment in the workplace. It is IT companies that have spearheaded changes in the approach to creating a friendly, informal team atmosphere, where the well-being and satisfaction of the employee is put first. Thus, the perks of working in the IT industry consist of several aspects, which by their attractiveness are attracting more and more people.

The list of jobs that the IT sector covers is quite extensive. There are three main ones for which there is a constant shortage of qualified specialists: programming, data analysis, and software testing. To get started in IT, you need practical knowledge to perform the tasks of the job. IT is a very changing field that is constantly evolving. There are two ways to gain IT knowledge.

How to gain knowledge and experience

One of the ways to enter the profession in the IT industry is to complete IT studies, but it is a long-term process that involves at least 3 years.
Another way, much faster, are bootcamps, or intensive courses in a particular IT field, which are gaining traction with both course participants and employers. This is currently the fastest way to build a resume and accelerate an IT career. Depending on the course you choose: programming or data analysis, your learning will usually last about 6 months. Mastering the material taught in classes will form the basis for your first job in the IT industry. By choosing a programming bootcamp, you gain access to knowledge imparted by experienced lecturers who know the specifics of the job from a practitioner’s perspective. The entire learning process is based on solving tasks and problems, with a maximally limited theoretical part, which allows you to thoroughly assimilate the field.

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General conclusions

In the IT industry, learning never stops. The IT industry is changing dynamically, so you need to keep up to date with emerging technologies and current trends, and you need to keep expanding your resume after by expanding your competencies to stay competitive in the job market.